Follow me, into nowhere

6 nov. 2011

It’s so hard to think “it ends sometimes and this could be the last… I should really hear you sing again and I should really watch you dance” Because it’s hard to think “I’ll never get another chance to hold you”. I should’ve stopped to think, I should’ve made the time I could’ve had that drink, I could’ve talked a while. I would’ve done it right, I would’ve moved us on but I didn’t… now it’s all too late.  It’s over. And you’re gone. 
I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you so much.
But how many times can I walk away and wish “if only…” Keep on making the same mistake. Keep on aching the same heartbreak. I wish “if only…” But “if only” is a wish too late. 

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